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The United States Institute for Kangaroo Care™ is the premier RESOURCE CENTER for all matters related to Kangaroo Care/Kangaroo Mother Care/ Skin-to-Skin Contact, and represents health and allied-health professionals and certified specialists working in the field of Kangaroo Care.

The Institute provides access to experts in Kangaroo Care,  literature citations, books and articles, sample hospital policies and protocols (for KC in NICU, Labor/delivery, mother-newborn unit), position statements, educational courses, certification as a specialist in Kangaroo Care, consultations, implementation tool kits, patient/health professional educational materials, and vendors of Kangaroo Care wraps, chairs, jewelry, videos, films, books, and webinars.

What is Kangaroo Care (KC)? 

Kangaroo Care, Skin-To-Skin Contact, and Kangaroo Mother Care are terms that relate to the holding of a diaper clad infant bare-chest to bare-chest, ventral-surface to ventral-surface by the mother, father, or others.

Upcoming Events:
2016 June 4-5, Cleveland OH, 12th Annual National Intensive Kangaroo Care Certification Course
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